Giving Special Needs Children The Ride Of A Lifetime

  The primary purpose of this event is to offer special needs children the ride of a lifetime in a Ferrari sports car in an effort to raise spirits. This event was started in 2006 by Pat Santoli, Alex Armellin of Daytona Auto Centre and Kris Simpson of Bodies By Design Personal Training It has since grown to be a very popular event with many special needs children from all walks of life and different charity organizations. There are no fees to participate as our primary aim is to raise spirit for special needs children.  This is a non monetary charity event and there are no fees to participate.  Please stay tuned for more information about our upcoming event. Giving Special Needs Kids the Ride of a Lifetime,   Daytona Auto Centre  John Duca / Steve Armellin/ Alex Armellin Bodies By Design  Kristopher Simpson BBD DAYTONA logo for IWF         googleplusfacebook